Bellaire, the brand that challenges boys to go outside, were you can move free! We are the biggest supporters of young, active teens. We are Bellaire, we are conscious, the fashion brands that motivate young active boys to discover their strengths!

Go outside, play together and create your own sports on the street.So your can grow up into a free and independent individual!Discover it, boys!

Let’s go there…Bellaire; the collection for teen-boys like to be taken seriously. The collection is well- designed for boys who like to go outside and create their own sports on the street.

We encourage them to develop their free attitude and supports them to grow into independent boys who be strong and resilient.

The Bellaire collections show an crisp & sporty look with a fashionable touch. The mainly use of jersey qualities make it easy to wear and easy to move around!


we bring well-designed easy to wear styles…


we design comfortable collections to move in and go outside…


we bring lasting, jersey qualities and cleverly finished styles.


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